Men’s Basketball vs. Campbell

By: Olivia Moody Reporter

The Runnin’ Bulldogs men’s basketball team came away with a  win Thursday night over Campbell on their home court.  78 to 72, the Bulldogs pulled off a narrow win to defeat one of the top four teams in the Big South Conference.

Campbell (14-9, 8-3 Big South) was stripped of its four game win streak this week, but the team had not gone down without a fight.  At the half, Campbell led 35-33 over the Bulldogs, but with Jason Dawson’s 3 point buzzer beater, Gardner-Webb left the court with plenty of energy.

Dawson, scoring 19 points, allowed the Bulldogs to take the lead with 13 of them in the second half.  Campbell, one of the nation’s top field goal scoring teams, did not do enough on the court, shooting 56 percent on the floor and making 12 of 21 free throws.  Not to mention they were also outrebounded by the Bulldogs 30-29. Gardner-Webb shot just 45.8 percent, but was able to make use of the nine steals and 14 turnovers produced by Campbell.

I sat down with Jamal Mitchell, a forward for the Runnin’ Bulldogs and a friend, who were both excited for the team’s win.  “I love the team,” Mitchell explained, “We’re a young team, but we have great chemistry.”  He also noted that in the first half they were down, due to Gardner-Webb’s eight turnovers, but they were definitely not out of the game.  During the second half there were just two turnovers, which led to the win over Campbell.  “It’s important to win,” Mitchell stated, “Campbell was good competition; especially since they’re one of the top four teams in the conference.”

Gardner-Webb fan and friend Tavarus Ferguson pointed out Campbell’s speed, size, and athleticism, but he believed the Bulldogs did a great job slowing down Campbell’s game.  “Gardner-Webb did a good job playing their game.  It was fun and exciting to watch,” he said.

The Runnin’ Bulldogs hope to keep the streak alive with the rest of the season winding down.

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