Gardner-Webb to host NCTC for fourth year

NCTC 2015 Photo by Megan Hartman

16 one-act shows will be performed in Dover Theatre Nov. 3 and 4 as Gardner-Webb hosts the North Carolina Theatre Conference (NCTC) for the fourth year in a row.


High school students will compete for the two spots that will allow them to reach the regional competition and have a chance to compete at a national level. Gardner-Webb will host 14 schools for this two-day event.


Jaylen Garvin, freshman, said that he looks forward to attending the event Friday.


“It’s great to see the creativity that these high schoolers show through their plays and their talents.” He will visit friends and old teachers who will come to the campus for the event.


“It’s a day where you get to drop things, go in and see a few shows and be entertained,” he continued.


Christian Farr, freshman, will also be present for both event days and will also watch his high school perform.


He believes that events like NCTC are important outlets. “It’s important for people for people to find what makes them comfortable in their own skin and theatre was that for me and for many other people,” he stated.


The high school students that will perform have a few restrictions to their shows. They must be 45 minutes long at most from the moment their students set foot on the stage for their performances. Their props must fit into an 8×8 foot area before their show. Additionally, students must also use basic area lighting for their shows.


This year, the shows that the high schools will perform range from comedies to tragedies. The shows will begin Friday at 9 a.m.

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