Paws on the Quad

Photo by Elizabeth Banfield.

This week, students on the quad were asked:

What band/singer would you want to come to GWU?

Where’s your favorite place to study/do homework on campus.

How far are you from home?

Photo by: Megan Hartman

Kayla Rogers, Junior
-Luke Bryan, he is FINE!
-My dorm room
-2 hours, I live in little ‘ole Stanly County

Photo by: Megan Hartman

Taylor Fier, Freshman
-Big Daddy Weave
-I work on homework in Tucker and I really like it!
-I live in Gilkey, don’t worry no one knows where that is either, but it’s 45 minutes away

Photo by: Megan Hartman

Lindsey Mastalski, Freshman
– Rend Collective 

– If I did study it would be in Tucker!
– 1 hour, I’m from Charlotte, NC

All photos and interviews by Megan Hartman.

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