The faces of Gardner-Webb SGA- Treasurer Conner Bos

By Matt Strohl

Gardner-Webb Sophomore, Connor Bos, is taking steps to cement a positive financial future for clubs and organizations on campus. As Treasurer for Student Government Association (SGA), Bos has been working through both the funding council and club congress to allocate and hand out funds.

As head of SGA funding council and club congress, Bos must be prudent. Only so much money can be given out to the various clubs and organizations that Gardner-Webb supports. Each year, clubs and organizations submit budgets through the club congress to the funding council. The funding council then either approves or denies it and works on allocating the funds necessary for each club.

“Last year [the funding council] handed out over $27,000 – the largest amount in Gardner-Webb history,” exclaimed Bos. “And we are looking to hand out even more this year.”

Bos has been a part of the student government at every school he has been to. He was even appointed as chair on the city board in his hometown of Holland. He said that he works with SGA because he has political ambitions after college.

Bos said that his most fond memory from SGA is winning the float contest at the 2013 Homecoming Parade. “We had a Nintendo theme,” said Bos. “The Bennett boys were dressed as Luigi and Mario… I was dressed as Batman.”

Inside and outside of SGA, Bos has made some great memories at Gardner-Webb. He is part of the swim team and even set a record his freshman year on the team. “Since Holland is on Lake Michigan, I love all watersports,” said Bos. “At Gardner-Webb I love to longboard.”

Bos is from Holland, Michigan and came to Gardner-Webb to swim. Holland is a small town, spanning roughly the same distance as Kings Mountain, according to Bos. It is a Dutch community that sits on the coast of Lake Michigan.

“[Holland] has the only real Dutch windmill in the US,” stated Bos. “We also host Tulip Time, a big Dutch flower festival.”

Bos looks forward to continuing work as SGA Treasurer and head of both funding council and club congress. He did not say what his plans for next year in SGA are, but he will be one to watch over the course of the next few years.

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