An athletes’ Fall Break

Heather Feldman, 1, is always set to play. Photo by: Krissy Helms

By: Travis Archie

This week brings about the end of Fall Break; which means no more free-time to do as you please. Many students are returning to campus after being at home, while others are returning from the beach, mountains, and other places chosen to be a relaxed spot.

But this is not the case for in-season athletes. Volleyball was one of the sports team that had to remain on campus or close to campus due to games and practices.

From the 6 a.m. workout circuits, weightlifting, traveling, and then having to maintain classwork; it seems like the athletes are receiving the short end of the stick for having to work during Fall Break. But not every athlete sees this as a bust; some see it as an opportunity to better themselves as a team.

Senior Heather Feldman is a Vocal Performance Music major and a part of the Gardner Webb volleyball team.  “The team has always been here for Fall Break, but we do get a break while we are here,” said Feldman. For example, she said they played UNC-Ashville on Friday, then they were free to rest on Saturday and Sunday, but on Monday they resumed their regular practice sessions.

When it comes to scheduling with the volleyball team, it’s a joint decision between the coaching staff and teammates. “We all agree that we don’t want to get rusty because we are in season,” Feldman said.

In the grand scheme of things, this sacrifice of time benefits the team and for most fall sports they get the rest of the breaks completely off.

Volleyball wasn’t the only team on campus during the break. Football was around preparing for their game against Virginia Military Institute on Saturday. Men’s and Women’s soccer was still on campus as well as the Women’s tennis team.

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