Faces of Gardner-Webb SGA- Anna Kullmar

Photo by Elizabeth Banfield

By Matthew Johnson

Gardner-Webb junior, Anna Kullmar, wants to make Gardner-Webb University the best it can be. Being Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA), gives great chances for her to make a strong senate.

Kullmar is in charge of managing the meetings and overseeing the committees for SGA. In a whole, she is responsible for the senate and building a strong relationship to make it a team.

Her goal this year is to build a stronger senate and to make a more effective training manual for it. She also wants to continue to improve the communication aspect of the SGA through ways to reach students.

She got into SGA her sophomore year as the class president. She was pushed into trying SGA because of Ashley Harris, a junior at the time. She did not want to be part of SGA during her freshman year, but is glad that she decided to join in her sophomore year.

“So freshman year I didn’t do it; but, Ashley Harris really encouraged me to; but, glad I did my sophomore year,” said Kullmar.

Kullmar comes from Murfreesboro, Tennessee where she was part of her high school SGA. She believes that Tennessee is the best state due to its beauty and genuine people. It is the place she calls home and the place that made her who she is today.

“It is a beautiful place; you have the mountains which are fun. People are great, people are kind,” said Kullmar. “That’s home, that’s who I am.”

She is a huge fan of outdoors, art and being around her friends. Whitewater rafting, camping and backpacking are three of her favorite things to do while being away from school work. She also loves to paint and do pottery when she finds time for it.

“I love being outside I love white water rafting, and I love camping and camping. I really miss art, having that in my life, like making pottery and painting,” said Kullmar. “Quality time with people is my all-time place to be.”

After graduating she plans to take a year off and then go to graduate school. When done with school completely, she wants to go into marketing and work with camp ministries.


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