The student’s Chief

Photo by: Hannah Covington

By: Brittany Johnson

Whether it’s a ride to your car on raining days or the first “Good Morning,” you hear on your way to class, everyone at Gardner-Webb knows Chief; the Chief of Police, Barry Johnson.

Johnson- an officer who loves his job, said, “I truly do enjoy helping people. Young people need some experienced people around to guide them in the right direction every once in a while. I like being around young people because I think it keeps me young.”

Photo by: Hannah Covington

Photo by: Hannah Covington

GWU-Today took a look at the man behind the badge.

Johnson’s family roots lead him to Gardner-Webb. Starting with his brother who attended in 1977; his sister came soon after. Later, a cousin attended Gardner-Webb, and it seemed to be a family tradition. Along with obtaining his education, the Wilmington, N.C. native met his wife, a local from Boiling Springs.

After graduating Gardner-Webb, Johnson and his wife moved to Atlantic Beach. While there he joined the Coast Guard and began work at the sheriff’s department.

Ten years passed and he was led back to Boiling Springs; after applying for multiple jobs, Johnson ended up back where he started, Gardner-Webb.

Johnson knew “the ins and outs of how college students behave, especially at Gardner-Webb,” and he thought he would be perfect for the job. The position for Chief of Police opened up, and he was fortunate enough to get it. He’s been on the job for 18 years.

For the students who have not had the opportunity to make his acquaintance, Johnson wants them to know, he is here for them. “We are here to protect and serve you while you are here. To make sure that you are safe and to make sure your life is better while you are here with us,” said Johnson.

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