Snow day at GWU results in snowball fights and igloos

Courtesy of Josiah Parke

by Jonelle Bobak

Snow began to fall on campus around 6 p.m. on Wednesday. The weather forecast was calling for 6 to 9 inches of snow. By 10 p.m. the ground was already covered with 3 inches of snow and it wasn’t going to stop until 5 a.m. Many students on Wednesday night went out exploring to see what adventures awaited them.

Courtesy of Josiah Parke

Courtesy of Josiah Parke

Students at the suites and apartments organized a snowball fight. Andrew Campbell, a junior, had a GoPro attached to his head during the snowball fight. “I got good video of snowballs coming right at me,” said Campbell.

The snowball fight quickly escalated into two teams; Suites vs. Apartments. “There were a bunch of loud noises coming from the apartment parking lot and we [the suites] decided to attack,” said Cameron Freeman. They were quickly outnumbered and had to retreat.

Campbell said he loves snow days because he gets to enjoy his friends and not worry about classes or school work.

Snowball fights and no school was Kyndal Davis’ favorite part of having a snow day. “Instead of having to teach in my class I was able to go and take pictures around campus,” said Davis.

Meanwhile on the Quad, six or seven students were attempting to construct an igloo

Photo by Jonelle Bobak

Photo by Jonelle Bobak

on Wednesday night. “We started at 9 p.m. last night and some of us did not stop until 5:30 this morning,” said, junior, Michaela Glover.

Jacob Walley, Seth Perry, Chris Coffey and many more helped in the making of the seven foot tall igloo. Glover came back out around noon on Thursday and began to pack more snow into buckets to add to it. “It was Seth’s brain child,” said Glover.

The Gardner-Webb campus turned into a different atmosphere when the snow fell from the sky. For more pictures of the snow day visit our Instagram page @gwu_today.

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