Recent graduate develops her path to adulthood

Katie Spiro, GWU alumni on her way to adulthood.

By Brittney Johnson

From finding herself on an unforeseen career venture, to adapting to a different atmosphere; Katie Spiro is definitely on her way to becoming an adult. The 21 year-old recent graduate of Gardner-Webb is starting a brand new chapter in her life and she’s hitting the ground running.

Currently, she is a graduate student getting her MBA in Marketing and Tourism.

She is also a graduate assistant for the athletics department at Gardner-Webb. Spiro works closely with Chuck Birch, the Vice President for Athletics, and our women’s senior administrator, Pam Scruggs.

Spiro’s position is about sponsorships and half-time promotions. It’s about entertaining and keeping the fans energized so they can cheer on the Gardner-Webb teams and hopefully lead to a win.

Katie Spiro, GWU alumni on her way to adulthood.

Katie Spiro, GWU alumni on her way to adulthood. Photo by: Brittney Johnson

Spiro said she would love to increase the school’s fan base while also extending a better hand shake to GWU’s community. This idea is being put into play with the theme of the weekends’ first home football game, “Hometown Heroes.”

It is calling attention to people in the community and all they do for us by taking time to show appreciation for the firemen, police force, store clerks and anyone else leading a hand in the community.

Spiro said she hopes to connect the bonds of the community, as she moves forward in her position.

Other than the business side of Spiro, she’s in the works to be a part of the Navy Reserves on the weekends. Originally as an undergrad, the Navy was her next big step, but when the opportunity to stay at Gardner-Webb appeared, she was more than happy to accept it.

Transitioning into adulthood along with trying to make steps to better her department and education; that’s where Spiro is right now.

“I’m 21 years old, I’m finally living on my own, I have my own bills, I have my own insurance and taxes; everything that’s considered part of the “adult” lifestyle,” Spiro said.

On her morning run is where Spiro gathers all of her thoughts and thinks about the “bigger picture.” As a devout Christian, she spends time focusing on the plan God has for her.

“I’m always working towards being in line with what Christ has planned for my life and not forgetting that his plan is sometimes different from my own.” Spiro said. “I’m a micro-manager and at the end of the day I know my life is not my own. It’s someone else’s.”

Spiro has two younger sisters — one going into high school and the other starting college. Staying an active part of their lives while trying to balance her new life is a major contribution to her motivation.

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