Get to know the new CMU Intern

By: Jonelle Bobak

Mindy Robinson, a graduate Divinity student, is now the new Campus Ministries United, CMU, intern. She is in her second year of graduate school and will be receiving her degree in intercultural studies.

“Last year the Divinity School was sent an email to see if there were any students interested,” said Robinson. Graduate students are the only eligible candidates for the position. “I knew the intern from the previous semester, Rebekah Stanford,” she said.

Stanford will be graduating in December and therefore was not able to reapply since the position has a contract of one year. Robinson applied for the position and was hired.

“I’m still getting used to it,” said Robinson. One of her responsibilities include overseeing the CMU Council. “I just make sure they have everything they need, so each of their ministries will run smoothly.”

Robinson said she is very introverted, and for her, stepping out of her comfort zone is hard, but throughout this intern, she hopes she can become more comfortable with talking to students she doesn’t know. Her main goal is to interact with students on campus and build a community with them.

“I want to get to know them and be able to be there for each student,” Robinson said. “In the Divinity School there is a disconnect from the undergraduate student life because it is a different community and environment.” she said.

Mindy has her own office in the Office of Christian Life and Service in the Tucker Student Center. If you have any questions for Mindy you can contact her at [email protected].