Gardner-Webb University Celebrates Starbucks Grand Opening

Starbucks sign

By Alexa Key

Boiling Spring, NC – Wait no longer, as Gardner-Webb hosts grand opening of new Starbucks in Tucker Student Center.

On Jan. 17 the coffee giant moved and expanded its operation to the first floor. Formerly, Starbucks was located on the second floor in Tucker. This location did not have a full menu, and was smaller in size. The new Starbucks, located on the first floor, now has a full menu and is much larger than its former.

Students can now enjoy pastries and a larger drink selection. Being located on the first floor of Tucker, it neighbors Gardner-Webb’s Burgers and Fries, Zoca and Live Pure. This floor is the busiest of Tucker as there are many seating areas companied with the campus Book Store, Post Office and Gaming. “I can see it right from where I work at Student Activities and now I’m always tempted to get something to eat or drink,” said senior, Meredith Bridges. Bridges added, “I liked the options that we have at Starbucks a lot better and I think it’s a lot fresher and nicer.”

The assemble of the new Starbucks began in August of 2022. This process wasn’t easy as Gardner-Webb Dining had to find staff, begin training and gear them for the upcoming move. “It was a little bit bumpy at first, but all of our staff did a great job setting up at the new location. The first day was a little bit scary because it was so popular but once we got over that hump it was really exciting,” said student Starbucks barista, Anna Sample.

This new location adds to Gardner-Webb’s community dynamic as students now have a new area to catch up with friends and peers. “It is a more popular location now, more people are hanging out in Tucker again and people are saying ‘Hey let’s grab a coffee together’ and I think it really brings people together here,” said Sample.

Starbucks accepts FlexPoints, a bonus of Gardner-Webb’s meal plan for students, as a form of payment. They also accept cash or card.

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