Campus Clubs and Organizations meet to discuss the year ahead

By: Brittney Johnson

September 3rd, Wednesday evening, Campus Clubs and Organizations came together to discuss future endeavors and the current topics on hand.

The Director of Leadership Development and Community, Micah Martin, lead the group in a discussion of how get out there and how to continue to move forward with past successes.

Martin had a set game plan of how to execute this idea. After speaking about how to create buzz around their groups, Martin wanted to remind the group that emails and sending in flyers/info to himself or Karissa Weir, Director of Student Leadership and Activities, were great ways to spike interest.

Pointing out that the TV’s along of the walls of the Tucker Student Center were definitely prime bases to catch future members and/or volunteers attention.

Continuing  list of events and ideas, he gave key examples of what makes GWU’s organizations staples on campus. The list went as follows: planning ahead, fundraising (strong investments), keeping a volunteer database (log hours)  and 60 seconds of service, a new way to achieve higher volunteer hours.

Martin also discussed putting forth extra effort on the annual events that were right around corner, asking that all those involved keep up the momentum as they have in years past.