Inspection improvements lead to Dover shutdown

Photo by: Hannah Covington

By: Ellen Laws

Last fall, Dover Theater was under inspection when Gardner-Webb noticed the theater was experiencing structural problems. Since then, there has had to be changes in events and productions that were scheduled. With everything going on with the building, there is a need for clarification regarding the theater.

Associate Vice President for Operations, Wayne Johnson, said, “there is nothing wrong with the ceiling, the rigging system that is used to suspend theatrical fixtures is required to be inspected.”

A rigging system is a system of ropes, pulleys, counterweights and related devices within a theater. It enables a stage crew to quickly, quietly and safely hoist components such as curtains, lights, scenery, and stage effects.

“On a recent inspection we learned that some items on the system were not in compliance with current standards, as the standards have changed since the system was upgraded. Within a few days of the inspection, we sought bids to have the system updated,” said Johnson.

The funding to repair the system was approved by Gardner-Webb after the fall inspection. Johnson said the building should be finished in the month of February.

“The theater is not hazardous to anyone’s health. The only hazard is being on stage during repairs,” Johnson said. “That is why the stage is closed for the time being.”

Originally the production of the Music Man was scheduled to be performed in February; instead, the play was rescheduled to March 26-28.


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