Gardner-Webb gains new Director of Student Leadership and Community Engagement

Micah Martin, new Photo by: Elizabeth Banfield

By: Kanisha Fowler

There are so many opportunities for students to get involved with the community. According to Micah Martin, Director of Student Leadership and Community Engagement, that is part of the reason why he is here.

“It’s up to the community to meet the needs of the community, and Gardner-Webb really plays into that,” Martin said.

Martin has had this position since July 1 of this year and he is really passionate about it. He said his job is 50 percent dealing with Student Leadership, and 50 percent dealing with Community Engagement. Martin says the two jobs go well together. He enjoys helping students find their strengths and use their strengths.

Micah Martin, new  Photo by: Elizabeth Banfield
Micah Martin, new Director of Student Leadership and Community Engagement.
Photo by: Elizabeth Banfield

In addition to the community engagement and student leadership, Martin’s position deals with overseeing about 70 clubs and activities within Gardner-Webb. He is the staff and faculty adviser of Student Government Association, and he will be helping University 111 classes find opportunities to serve since it is a requirement for them.

Homecoming is one of the biggest events he organizes, along with Student Activities. This year Martin is looking forward to the evening parade, and he is inviting all clubs and organizations at Gardner-Webb to be a part of it.

Martin has been at Gardner-Webb for three years. Prior to this position, he worked in the admissions office.

Martin graduated from University of North Carolina Greensboro, UNCG, with a bachelor’s degree in English and received his Master’s in writing at the same university. He taught high school English for a year, and then went back to UNCG to work and he remained there for eight years.

Martin met his wife the first day at UNCG. They have been married for 10 years and have two kids; Liza, 7, and Levi, 5.

Martin’s wife, Aubree, owns Gifted, the store located inside the Broad River Coffee Shop.

The Martins attend Broad River Community Church, and they also spend time doing service work and helping the community.

“I hope at Gardner-Webb we infect students with a lifestyle of service, versus volunteerism. Volunteering is usually a one-time thing, doing it to meet the requirement. We want to bring up students that have a desire to serve others,” Martin said.

If any student would like to get involved with community service, Martin says to send them his way because there are plenty of things to do that matter.