Campus organizations come together for fundraiser

The AcaFelons, Joyful Hands, Heart of Fire, and Gospel Choir will each perform at Saturday's Megabash 2.0 fundraiser. Photos courtesy of Gardner-Webb.

Four of Gardner-Webb’s performance groups will gather at the Dover Theater Saturday, February 20, at 7 p.m., to raise money for two organizations: Happy Hands in Honduras, and Lavosi in Guatemala.

Last year, the original “Megabash” raised over $700, and included performances by Joyful Hands, Gospel Choir and Heart of Fire. This year, the AcaFelons will be adding their talents to the “Megabash 2.0,” and all of the groups are hoping to improve on last year’s fundraising success.

Christina Ewing, a member of Joyful Hands and one of the event organizers, said that they have been planning the event since October of 2015. “We contacted the clubs and gauged their interests,” said Ewing. “[And] we were hoping to add the AcaFelons to the original lineup, as they had to miss the event last year.”

Nathaniel Parks, of the AcaFelons, said that the group was on board with the event as soon as they were contacted. The AcaFelons are planning on premiering a new arrangement and showing off some new members. “It fits with our theme of trying to be very service oriented,”said Parks. “[The AcaFelons] like to use our abilities to help with a good cause.”

Happy Hands is a Christian school in Honduras that helps the Deaf community, and offers classes for Pre-K though ninth grade. Lavosi is a place of education for Deaf people in Guatemala, and offers classes for first grade through sixth grade. Originally, there was difficulty deciding which organization to support. “Lots of mission trips are taken to these areas, so people at [Gardner-Webb] are good friends [with each organization],” said Ewing. However, in the end it was decided that the best course of action was to support both organizations.

Stephanie Oliver, the advisor for the Joyful Hands Ministry Team, and one of the organizers of Megabash 2.0, said that “planning for the event has been overwhelming at times, but it will be worth it to provide support to a good cause.”

In order to raise money for these organizations, Gardner-Webb students, faculty and staff, will be charged $3 for admission. Community members will be charged $5. The parents of the children at Happy Hands will also be selling handmade jewelry at the event. Donations are accepted.

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