Campus Civitan to volunteer at Miracle Hill

Courtesy of Erica Morrow

By Ellen Laws

Campus Civitan, Gardner-Webb’s volunteer club, will be serving lunch to those in need at Miracle Hill in Gaffney, South Carolina this Saturday September 19 from 10 a.m. to around 1:30 p.m.

Bradley Vaughn, Office Manager for Student Activities and Club Advisor said, “Miracle Hill’s mission is to help homeless children and adults receive food and shelter with compassion, hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, and move toward healthy relationships and stability.” The organization operates four adult shelters, three children and youth shelters and eight thrift stores.

Courtesy of Campus Civitans

Courtesy of Campus Civitans

The Campus Civitan’s work at Miracle Hill is part of their local volunteer projects that provide services to the surrounding Gardner-Webb community. They also strive to help those with intellectual and physical disabilities and connect students who love to volunteer with opportunities to serve in these capacities. The club is open to all who would like to volunteer their time to serve others.

“I truly believe that every member in Civitan has a beautiful passion to serve those in need and the biggest benefit these members will receive is the joy they feel while serving,” said Vaughn.

The number of volunteers is limited for this service opportunity. For more information about going to Miracle Hill please contact Bradley Vaughn at

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