Opinion: Fashion hits Gardner-Webb – comfort is key

By: Travis Archie and Megan Hartman

Fashion is everywhere and is trending on a daily basis. On any given day a unique style will be all over social media and by the end of the week it is classified as retro, and not in a good way. There is, however, a place where no matter what a person wears – they are still in style.

College is the place were almost every style imaginable comes together and works. From classroom comfort, to free-time funny, college students don’t hold back. Lydia Hill, senior, says, “comfort is the main focus of my fashion choices.”

Hill does not follow the trends that are happening in mainstream fashion and prides herself on being a bargain shopper. “I buy most of my clothes at Goodwill and the outlets because in retail, the prices can be high,” said Hill. She was even able to find an elegant dress for formal last year at Goodwill.

Here are a few examples of some fashion styles that are trending around Gardner-Webb:


Yes, this is a thing. While students call it Furry Friend Friday, wearing animal shirts is a normal everyday sight around campus. From Christmas cat shirts all the way to shirts entirely covered in a wolf face, you’ll see anything here at the Webb and we are loving it!


Hill definitely wins the constellation prize for these crazy socks! Never have we ever seen so many students, male and female, who wear weird high socks over their leggings or with shorts until we came to Gardner-Webb. A+ for bravery and embracing your inner weirdo!


Do these really need an explanation? Chacos + Socks… because people just can’t part from their beloved shoes for the winter. As tacky as it may look, they are comfortable and your feet will appreciate the warmth. You can thank Gardner-Webb for now making Chacos a year round shoe!


On a small campus like Gardner-Webb it is completely acceptable to set your alarm for 10 minutes before class and simply get up and go. Don’t be surprised if you see guys in their plaid pajama pants and girls without their hair and make up done. This is college, sleep is important, and we know it!


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