Housing Review: Royster

Photo by Isaiah Johnson

By: Chelsea Sydnor

Royster Hall is the men’s dorm that lies on the north edge of Gardner-Webb’s campus, housing 43 residents.

According to the Gardner-Webb University News Center, Royster Hall originally operated as Royster Hospital, until it was converted into a men’s residence hall in the mid 1970s.

The quiet environment for studying seems to be the main draw for residents of Royster.

According to sophomore Lando LoAlbo, he lives in Royster because it “is a nice environment and stays mostly quiet.”

Meanwhile, over half of the residents also believe that the community is strong within Royster.

Photo by Isaiah Johnson

Photo by Isaiah Johnson

Of the nine residents surveyed, five reported that they believe there is a strong sense of community present in the dorm.

Freshman Trent Loftin said that “great friends” kept him living at Royster, while 66.7 percent of those surveyed said that they feel they are good friends with the people on their hall.

Other attractive aspects for prospective residents of Royster is the option to live in a three-person room, as well as the possibility to have a private bathroom.

According to an anonymous respondent, “Royster has bigger rooms than most dorms.”

The building’s proximity to stores is also important to its residents. “CVS is [only minutes] away,” said an anonymous respondent.

However, residents seemed to agree that the facilities in the dorm could be improved. Among their complaints were the kitchen, the bathrooms and the laundry room.

“The cleanliness of the bathrooms can sometimes be less than great, and we do not have a terribly good amount of room in our kitchen,” said an anonymous respondent.

The laundry room was another area of concern. Freshman Dakota Stockman believes that there could be “more space for more laundry equipment.”

Regardless of the drawbacks listed by the residents of Royster, most of their reviews were positive.

“I absolutely love the room and the people that live here,” said Stockman.

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