GWU Alumni Panel Shares Post-College Advise with Students

Alumni PanelPhotos by Eiryn Reynolds

Story by Madison Hyleman

Three Gardner-Webb alumni spoke with a group of students as part of the Common Sense Series sponsored by the Division of Student Development on Thursday, February 16.

Megan Pope, an assistant director of alumni relations, Anna Angel, a nurse for Novant Health, and Seth Manuel, a manager for his family’s construction company, spoke to Gardner-Webb students about their college experience, careers options, and life after college.

“I would honestly not change anything about my experience,” said Angel, a 2015 graduate who encouraged the students at the panel to make the most out of their experience by getting involved. “Get out of your room, go outside and be social. Get involved and take trips.”

Common Sense Alumni PanelPope, also a 2015 graduate, advised the students in attendance to be flexible with their plans for their major. “I came here to be a child psychologist,” she said. “I wanted to do family and child counseling and now I’m an event planner. So I took a completely different path.”

Additionally, since life after college can be overwhelming for graduating seniors, Manuel advised them to keep updating their resume as they continued to gain new experiences. “Start preparing before you graduate, keep checking and stay on top of your resume.”

Emily Crowder, an exercise science major who attended the panel, said, “I thought the Common Sense panel was interesting and informative. It really helped me to try and figure out what to do when I graduate and become more of an adult.”

“We realized quickly that students have essentials they need to hear, and hearing it from alumni provides a better platform for listening, understanding and connecting. As well as taking it more seriously,” said Erin Cook, assistant director of Career Development. “We have been doing an alumni panel for a couple of years, [so] the idea of hearing from alumni was definitely a collaborative effort.”

The Common Sense Series will include a budget management workshop, a beginner’s tax and insurance workshop, a cooking class, and an auto care class.

“This series is really designed to help students get ready for these essentials needed for life. Not just after college, but while they are in college as well,” said Cook.

For more information about the Common Sense Series, contact Erin Cook, assistant director of Career Development at



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