Student radio station set to move this year

Senior Hannah Davis shares her radio program on WGWG. Photo by Megan Hartman.

By Sthefany Flores | Feb. 25, 2018

WGWG, Gardner-Webb University’s online radio station, will change locations from its current studio at the Elliot House to the Communication Studies Hall in the summer of 2018.


WGWG began at Gardner-Webb as a radio club that eventually changed to an FM station. It moved to an internet stream in 2013 to save costs. According to Jeff Powell, radio station operations manager and program director, the move to an internet stream allowed the radio station to have more airing freedom from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


Looking back on his involvement with the radio, Powell commented: “students have been involved from the beginning, that’s how I got here.” He added that it was for the same reason that it was decided that the radio should be moved into Communication Studies Hall.


“Instead of being a marketing arm…we broadcast for the university, not from it,” Powell explained. Other members of the radio family also agree with his words.


Boylan and senior Tyler Helms broadcasting via WGWG. Photo courtesy of Gardner-Webb University.

Senior Brendan Boylan, who is a radio work study student said, “I think more students will be involved because they can see the radio station.” He noted that having the station in the Elliott House distanced it from the main campus and made it hard for students to interact with it.


With more attention on the radio station due to the move, Powell hopes that more students will join and learn how to work with radio equipment. WGWG or “The Range,” as nicknamed by its staff, plays 24 hours a day.


It has access to thousands of songs and plays a range of music and emphasizes local musicians. The radio also hosts podcasts created by students and volunteers along with play by plays of athletic events.


The radio station is part of the American Music Chart and the North American Community and College Chart, which attracts performers, who sometimes come in for live performances and interviews.


Powell with visiting musical group Solas in 2013. Photo courtesy of Gardner-Webb University.

Powell said that the move will be “an adjustment” because he has worked in the Elliott House since his time as an undergraduate student, but is excited that students will be able to find him easily.


He said that the move will take place over a few weeks this summer and will require professional technicians, but that it should not be very expensive. “We will move our automation computer first and get it streaming quickly so our listeners shouldn’t have much of an interruption,” he said.


Learn more about WGWG and listen here