Gardner-Webb Honors Women’s History Month with a Month of Events and Celebrations

By Marianne Luedeman

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C. – In honor of Women’s History Month 2024, Gardner-Webb University is hosting numerous events recognizing the contributions of women, the legacy of feminism and the ongoing fight for gender equality.

The Women’s History Month celebrations are set to honor a month that Gardner-Webb’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Lawrence Brinson, describes as “a time to recognize, honor, and celebrate the many achievements and contributions of women throughout history.” 

The first event, a celebration of International Women’s Day, was held on March 8 in the Tucker Student Center common area. Students were asked to wear purple at this event to show solidarity with women worldwide, and the aim of this event was to “celebrate the achievements and contributions of women worldwide,” said Brinson.

The second event features a screening of the critically acclaimed film “Hidden Figures,” which documents the “unsung heroines of the early space program” according to a Gardner-Webb press release. This event takes place on March 21 at the Tucker Student Center’s bottom floor patio. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the movie screening begins at 7 p.m.

On March 27, Gardner-Webb is hosting an art exhibit that Brinson said “celebrates the diverse contributions of women throughout the ages, offering a visual journey of empowerment and resilience.” This exhibit is entitled “HerStory Unveiled” and will be on display in the Tucker Student Center. 

The final event, a workshop entitled “Women in Business and Empowerment Workshop – Leading with Confidence,” will also be held on March 27 from 3 to 5 p.m. The focus of this workshop is on “building confidence and empowering women in various facets of life, especially in business,” said Brinson.

Lawrence Brinson, Gardner-Webb University’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

A major goal behind these events, noted Brinson, is to not only recognize the past, but also inspire “future generations to continue breaking barriers and pursuing their aspirations.” 

Brinson added, “We should also uplift and recognize the voices of women from diverse backgrounds, particularly those marginalized or underrepresented. By embracing intersectionality, we can create a more inclusive and just society where all women are empowered to thrive.”

Brinson wants Gardner-Webb students to know that everyone is invited to celebrate Women’s History Month regardless of background and said the events can be truly transformative.

“I encourage attendees to actively participate in these events, engage in meaningful discussions, and act to bring positive change within our community and beyond. Let’s celebrate the past, present, and future achievements of women while striving towards a more equitable world together,” Brinson said. 

Beyond this month’s celebration, Brinson added that the University aims to create an environment where the accomplishments of women are never left unseen. “Our institution is dedicated to promoting an inclusive campus community where women’s achievements are recognized and celebrated,” he said.

The community is invited to recognize women’s history and continue the fight for gender equality year round. “This month serves as a reminder of the ongoing work required to achieve gender equality and justice for all individuals, regardless of gender identity,” concluded Brinson.

For questions or comments about the upcoming celebrations, Brinson can be reached at [email protected].