Gardner-Webb’s annual Octoberfest attracts the community

Photo by Megan Hartman

By: Jonelle Bobak

The Tucker Student Center was not filled with just students on Thursday night. Penguins, mermaids, power rangers, ninjas turtles, and cowboys walked through the doors into Stewart Hall.

The annual Octoberfest was this past Thursday, October 30, from 6 p.m to 8:30 p.m. Hundreds of people showed up with children to partake in the Halloween activities.

Elsa, a character from the Disney movie Frozen, was standing inside the doors welcoming people in.

“Making the kids smile is what makes it worth it,” said Brittany McCornick, who volunteered to dress up as Elsa. Many little girls came up to her and asked to have a picture taken with her.

Kids enjoyed taking pictures with the characters of Frozen. photo by Megan Hartman

Kids enjoyed taking pictures with the characters of Frozen. Photo by Megan Hartman

The smell of popcorn was present as it was being passed out. Children and adults could insert their faces into character cut-outs and take pictures to freeze the memories. Gardner-Webb clubs lined the walls of Stewart Hall with games to play and candy to win for children.

The Acafelons showcased a “voice box” that children had to throw ping pong balls through in order to win a prize.

The Student Nursing Association had a hand washing station that taught kids how to wash their hands good. They applied a special soap to their hands that caused the germs to glow in the dark. After washing, whatever part of their hand that was still glowing is the part they should wash better.

Campus Civitan was dressed up as Pacman and were challenging children to toss a beanbag into a corn hole board at three different levels of distance.

Allie, a little girl, proudly wore her pink poodle skirt as a 50’s girl. “ All the games were my favorite part,” she said.

Micah Martin, the Community Engagement Coordinator, hoped this year would have a great turnout. “We were really striving to get more people involved,” Martin said.

The little kids enjoyed the hayride. Photo by Megan Hartman

The little kids enjoyed the hayride. Photo by Megan Hartman

Parents and their children were waiting in line to climb aboard the hayride while others were playing in the inflatable maze.

Cleopatra was the costume choice for Ramsey, another little girl. Her favorite part of Octoberfest was getting the chance to make her own cookie and decorating it. Lindley, who was in character as Elsa, enjoyed the games as well, “ I liked them all,” she said.

To see more photo’s from the night, click here.

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