Women’s Basketball vs. Radford

By: Kelly Bradley
gwu-today.com Reporter

Boiling Springs, N.C. – The Gardner-Webb Women’s Basketball team lost to Radford Saturday, January 28th. This is Gardner-Webb’s fourth conference loss in a row.  63-50, at Paul Porter Arena against Radford.

This defeat puts Gardner-Webb at 1-7 in Big South and 2-16 overall, while Radford is improving  from 8-10 overall to 9-10 and 2-5 Big South to 3-5 for conference.

Gardner-Webb’s number 33, Jasmine Dale, contributed 10 points and number 31, Catrina Green, computed nine points. Assisting four times and adding another 11 points to the score board was number 24, Mayhana Dunovant.

Da’Naria Erwin Spencer, number 22, made 21 points for Radford. Adding to their success, Sarah Tabb scored 16 points with eight rebounds.

It was a very slow start for Gardner-Webb, but Dale finally made a base line shot that put the Bull dogs on the score board with 15:39 left in the first half.

With only 2:30 left on the clock in the first half, Gardner-Webb was extremely close to Radford by 26-22. Brianna Dillard and Dale made two three-pointers, and Green performed a lay-up.

Radford only had Gardner-Webb by eight points when halftime came and Gardner-Webb had 18 fouls in the first half.

To start off the second half, Gardner-Webb had good movement with the ball. Dillard made a jumpshot. Dale assisted Green for a lay-up.

14:57 left in the second half and 24, Dunovant, made a 3 pointer, and Jessica Heilig made a lay-up. With 7:54 remaining, the score was 53-36. This was still not enough to beat Radford. Gardner-Webb could not exceed Radford’s scoring, but they were playing consistantly.

50 seconds left on the clock and it was 63-46, Radford in the lead. Before the buzzer sounded Gardner-Webb’s Dunovant assisted 32, Elania Scanlon, in a 3 pointer leaving the final score at 63-50.

Good defense, passing, and movement gave Gardner-Webb an overall decent game even though Radford came out on top. Hopefully they will have a better play on Monday, January 30th,  at 7 p.m. in the Paul Porter Arena against Liberty Lady Flames.

Jasmine Dale, 33, attempts a basket. Photo by Lindsey Hamby.

To see all photos from the game click here.

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