Housing Review: Lutz Yelton Hall

Photo by: Isaiah Johnson

By: Madison Wait

Walking to Tucker in less than one minute is only a dream for most Gardner-Webb students. For the residents of Lutz Yelton Hall (commonly referred to as Lutz), a popular male dorm on campus, this dream is a reality.

Similar to Decker, Lutz is located on the quad, which gives residents quick access to some of the most popular buildings on campus. “It’s central on campus, [which] makes [walking] to class, Tucker and the Caf a breeze,” said senior Lutz resident, Jonathan Goldberg.

In fact, among the nine residents surveyed, all mentioned that the convenient location was a big perk.

While its prime location makes Lutz stand out as one of the most appealing male dorms on campus, it was the strong sense of friendship that truly convinced most residents to stay.

According to the survey, more than half of the respondents said that Lutz’s community was the biggest factor in their decision to remain in that dorm for future years.

“[Lutz] has a good sense of unity,” said an anonymous survey participant. Many other respondents echoed this sentiment and spoke highly of their dorm’s sense of “camaraderie,” as well as its friendly atmosphere.

The survey also revealed that doors in Lutz are rarely closed, which helps foster a welcoming environment for all the residents. “The people in Lutz are extremely nice,” said freshman resident, Peden.

However, the strong friendships in Lutz aren’t the only thing that makes it an attractive housing option for male students. While almost every other dorm on campus has a parking issue, many respondents felt that they had adequate space for their vehicles.

Despite the fact that Lutz shares two small parking lots with another male dorm, Mauney, none of the respondents voiced their discontent with the situation. “The parking is great,” said Goldberg. “We share well with Mauney.”

Photo by Isaiah Johnson

Photo by Isaiah Johnson

While most of the respondents had no complaints about Lutz in general, many mentioned the inadequacy of the kitchen as being a major downside. “There really isn’t much of a kitchen, or kitchen utensils,” said an anonymous survey participant.

Additionally, the kitchen shares the same area as the laundry room, which can create spatial problems when different residents want to cook and wash their clothes at the same time.

Some respondents also requested that improvements be made on these two facilities. Specifically, the residents asked for separate kitchen and laundry rooms, as well as updated washers and dryers.

Although the washers and dryers are known to break down on occasion, all nine respondents said that maintenance fixes problems quickly. Overall, the Kitchen scored an average rating of Decent, while the laundry room was rated as Good.

Even though the combined kitchen and laundry room pose some problems to the residents of Lutz, most of the residents feel that the convenient location and strong community are more than enough reason to stay.

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