Paws on the Quad

This week GWU-Today paused on the quad to ask students how they feel about entering a new school year–their hopes, dreams and fears about the semester. Check out their answers below:


Adam Pickard – Senior
“Freshman year I met my best friends here at GWU. Coming may, it is going to be so weird not living right beside them and not to see them everyday. I have grown and met so many people throughout the community here and it’s going to be tough to leave them come may. For my senior year I am hoping for my lasts to be great. I’m gonna miss this place!



Phillip Fata – Senior.

“I’m so excited for my last semester, ready for this football season and to hopefully beat liberty! One of my struggles is going to be with Western Civ II. I’m nervous but anxious at the same time to be done with school.”



Pictured Left: Sarah Lail – Freshman
“Gardner-Webb was my first choice and I was very grateful for being accepted into the nursing program my first year. I love the environment here on campus and I love how it just feels like one big happy family.”

Right: Victoria Swain – Freshman
“I knew I had chosen the right school when I picked GWU. I love being outdoors and I was looking for an area like the quad to hang out and eno on, once I saw it I became in love and knew it was the school for me. Oh and I also love how all the guys hold the doors.”

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