Housing Review: Apartments

Photo by Isaiah Johnson

By: Madison Wait

When it comes to privacy, luxury and personal convenience, the University Commons Apartments sweeps away the competition. Similar to the Suites, the Apartments are some of the most coveted living arrangements on Gardner-Webb’s campus.

With seven buildings that have three floors, and twelve apartments per building, the Apartments offer a unique way to live on-campus.

Unlike the majority of other dorms on campus, students don’t choose to live in the Apartments for the sense of community. Instead, the survey revealed that most valued feature was the private amenities.

“The allure of [having] my own room, kitchen appliances and a personal washer and dryer [drew me here],” said senior Emily DeVries. “I’ve stayed because I’ve enjoyed the amenities and personal space.”

Photo by Isaiah Johnson

Photo by Isaiah Johnson

For those who are looking to avoid kitchen and laundry pile-ups in the dorms, the Apartments offer a tantalizing alternative of full kitchen areas and private laundry facilities.

However, those features aren’t the only thing sparking interest among students. Out of the students surveyed, all mentioned that privacy was a big deciding factor.

“[There’s more] privacy, and more independence,” said senior Wendy Harmon, who has lived in the apartments for over two years. “The apartment allows me to feel like I am living an adult life, while having the freedom of living on campus.”

According to the survey, that freedom is largely due to the private rooms. Each Apartment unit houses four private bedrooms with full-sized beds, which allows its residents to enjoy the community feel, without sacrificing their privacy.

Alex Suptela, a senior Apartment resident, mentioned that they still do a lot of community events, despite the seeming isolation of interaction. Additionally, each unit also features two full bathrooms, which is a major plus for many students.

Yet, similar to the Suites, these luxuries come at a price. Residents are responsible for keeping their bathrooms clean and stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, shower curtains, etc. Despite having more freedom than the dorms, residents still have to abide by Gardner-Webb’s visitation policies and alcohol prohibition since the Apartments are on campus property.

The Apartments rest on the outermost edge of campus, across from the new Health and Science Building,

The distance from the rest of campus is a common complaint among residents in the Apartments. Photo by Isaiah Johnson

The distance from the rest of campus is a common complaint among residents in the Apartments.
Photo by Isaiah Johnson

which serves as a common complaint among the survey participants. “Being farther away from other people [and] friends that live in the dorms [is frustrating],” said junior Michelle Evans.

The Apartment furniture also provoked some negative commentary from half of the survey participants. “The furniture is not the MOST ideal,” said DeVries. “My personal door [was] broken when I moved in, and the bathroom door hung crooked, so I think more attention to details like that could [help] improve the environment.”

Others echoed her thoughts and mentioned that kitchen appliances, specifically the stove and oven, needed updates. Respondents also commented that the hefty additional cost of living in the Apartments was a major downside to be aware of. Living in an Apartment costs roughly $1,395 more than living in a traditional style dorm room. However, that costs reflects the private amenities each unit offers its residents.

Despite having the new responsibility of cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen areas, the minor issue of distance and the additional costs, the survey participants continue to sing high praises of their living arrangement. “It really is my own space,” said DeVries. “Not having to share a bathroom with 30+ other girls is really nice.”

For more information about the University Commons Apartments and other housing options, please visit http://gardner-webb.edu/student-life-and-services/student-services/housing-and-residence-education/index

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