Possible Expansion for the Department of Communication & New Media

Photo by Megan Hartman

By Sthefany Flores

The professors of the Department of Communication & New Media are in the process of creating an exploratory proposal for a graduate program. The proposal has been on their minds for several years.

The proposal is however, at a very early stage.

“The only thing that is concrete is that we voted at our last department meeting as a faculty to pursue the exploratory process,” said Dr. Lisa Luedeman, associate professor in the Department of Communication & New Media and graduate program study committee chair. “That’s the first step.”

The first step of 12 to be exact; there are checks and balances throughout the creation of the new program that lengthen the process. The final step alone, the submission of the final proposal to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), takes at least six months.

The Department of Communication & New Media seems hopeful in the face of such a complex project.

“We are all working together as we always do. It is important to get everyone’s opinion and to be in agreement as we move further,” said Luedeman. “The goal is to provide a top notch program that we can offer,” said Luedeman.

Current and past students have inquired and shown interest in the expansion of the Department of Communication & New Media.

“If we can make it happen, I personally think that we will have the numbers there to make up the new cohort,” said Luedeman.

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