Pageant postponed due to winter storm

Photo courtesy of GWU

By: Ellen Laws

The annual Miss GWU pageant was postponed on Saturday, Jan. 23 due to a winter storm. The new date will be April 17 at the Dover Theater.

The three-month delay was due to the availability of the Dover Theater, according to Karissa Weir, director of student activities. “As for the judges, the group we had for [the original date] may change due to their schedule in April,” said Weir.

Some of the contestants had family visiting from out of town. Jen Guberman, Miss GWU contestant, said, “My grandmother was flying down on Sunday, so she didn’t get to see [the pageant].” However, Guberman still performed her special talent for her grandmother. “My talent is speed painting. I will be painting a beach painting in three minutes.”

Although her grandmother was unable to see the entire show, Guberman felt a little relived that the pageant was postponed. “I’m not a dancer, so the whole opening dance was a little intimidated for me,” said Guberman.

“When you postpone an event, there is always concerns about the dates being changed due to the fact you might have other things on your schedule. The weather is something out of my control and the decision for the change was continually communicated throughout the weekend to all involved,” said Weir.

You can read more about the pageant in this article.

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